The lasso™ semi-underground container is available in 5m3 and 3m3 capacity. Operating costs are low due to its high capacity and fast collection. The underground cooler temperatures inhibit bacterial growth which helps reduce odors. The compression of the waste by its own weight allows a higher storage density  as opposed to the surface containers.


lasso ™ containers are designed to integrate with the urban landscape while respecting the safety of the user. During collection, the operator is located near the container, to ensure a visual check. lasso™'s height above ground meets the regulations and allows an ergonomic waste deposition. lasso™ containers are very easy to use for people with reduced mobility.


lasso ™ semi-underground container is an aesthetic revolution in waste management, whether for mixed or selective waste and even for the collection of clothes. The different finishing solutions allow a perfect harmony with the urban landscape. The customized high definition image finishing allows our customers to use lasso™ semi-underground containers as a means of communication.

Fast Collection

The crane collection process is very fast and efficient and is largely unaffected by weather conditions. The duration of the operation between the arrival and the departure of the truck will not exceed 3 minutes for a 5 m3 container.

Maximum capacity

Round design and the vertically installed well promotes compression of the waste by its own weight and enables a higher density as opposed to surface containers.

Summer / Winter access

The lasso™ semi-underground container is available in summer and winter thanks to its main well which never moves once installed. Only the cover and the bag are removed from the top of the container so there is no need to shovel snow to access the crane. Therefore, lasso™ container is perfectly adapted to the Canadian climate.

Reduced odours

lasso™ semi-underground containers are considered odourless. Indeed, the cooler temperatures underground reduces the growth of bacteria, thus limiting the diffusion of bad odors. In addition, the compression of the waste by its own weight allows for less air in the tank.


The collection is done by raising the flexible bag of the lasso™ container and the waste is emptied through the bottom; thus no liquids are in contact with the lid as compared to a traditional collection. lasso™ semi-underground containers are designed so that the user can use it safely.