Lasso launches solutions for the collection of organic waste

Several Portuguese municipalities have already implemented Lasso's new solutions for the disposal of biodegradable waste (organic waste), paving the way for the mandatory selective collection of this type of domestic waste from 2024. Porto, Oeiras and Ovar are the Portuguese municipalities that have already installed Lasso containers for the collection of biodegradable waste, favouring the advantages presented by full-underground and semi-underground containers.

Remember that the General Waste Management Regime (GWMR) defines the segregation at the origin of organic waste from restaurants and industrial activities until December 31, 2022, in the case of entities that produce more than 25 t/year of biodegradable waste, and up to December 31, 2023, in the remaining cases. In the case of entities responsible for municipal urban waste management systems, the GWMR determines that the operationalization of the selective collection of organic waste is carried out by December 31, 2023.

In order to respond to these directives, entities must guarantee the selective collection of this waste, ensuring the existence of easily accessible collection points in the community. In order to support municipalities and waste management companies to fulfil these objectives, Lasso Eco Innovation has developed specific solutions for the collection of organic waste, which have advantages over the door-to-door collection system.

Through full-underground and semi-underground containers adapted to this type of waste, Lasso helps to encourage residents to segregate organic waste at the origin, ensure the sanitation and health of the public space, reduce landfill deposition, and increase the value of resources, promoting, at the same time, the principles of the circular economy, for a more sustainable future.

Lasso full-underground containers for organic waste are presented with three column solutions – the Blue Bee, the Green Bee and the Red Bee. All are characterized by their modern design and aesthetics and perfect integration with the environment, robustness, durability and low maintenance. Lasso’s containers are designed for intensive use, even in extreme environments, and to ensure a long service life. Also for semi-underground containers, surface space occupation and visual impact are reduced, as only 1/3 of the container is above the ground.

In both cases, the organic waste is stored below ground in a dedicated well, with the advantage that the lower underground temperatures contribute to slow down the growth of bacteria, eliminating bad odors.

The organic waste is collected underground, with three possible solutions: in a watertight overturning container, with a capacity of up to 1100 liters and a lifting platform with two hydraulic cylinders; in a sealed MasterbagTM bag; or in a rigid tank with bottom discharge. It should also be noted that all available landmarks are compatible with an access control system and a filling monitoring probe, intelligent systems for urban waste management that allow the implementation of PAYT billing systems and the optimization of the collection process.